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Dee Tech India is engaged in supplying of an array of products which are used for different industrial purposes. We supply a plethora of diverse articles ranging from industrial chemicals to paper machine roller. The range of products includes Forming Fabric Wire, Dryer Fabrics, Press Rolls, PAC Chemicals, Industrial Pumps, On Line pH Meter, Digital Tachometer, Digital Humidity Meter, Flue Gas Analyser, Handheld Stroboscope, Spectrophotometer etc. The company is one stop destination for a person looking for any kind of industrial item. We make it sure that the products that we supply to our customers are of premium quality.


Due to the high quality of articles supplied by us there is a huge demand of the same in the market. We have clients from all the industries coming to buy high end products. Our team of diligent workers is always on the look out to get the best products from reliable sources and provide them to our esteemed customers thus strengthening our bond. Read more...

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  • Dryer Screen
    DRYING FABRICS is a drying part of wet Paper web. The conventional Drying system can dry the wet web from 60% moisture to 2% moisture with help of DRYING FABRICS. DRYING FABRICS play an important roll for giving a final shape and parameters to the PAPER. DRYING FABRICS are also known as Conveyor Belts. The sheet is mechanically pressed against the drying Cylinders. These days these DRYING FABRICS are also in use of Silent Drive System in Dryers. The selection of these DRYER...


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