Paper Machine Clothing

DEE TECH INDIA is a prominent Supplier of Paper Machine Clothing. We deliver a wide range of Paper Machine Clothing which is made from high upgraded raw materials. Our high quality Paper Machine Clothing is an outcome of our dedicated work force. We are a Global Suppler of Paper Machine Clothing and hold a reputation globally for the product we deliver.

  • Forming Fabric Wire
  • Dryer Fabric

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Paper Machine Wire

Forming Fabric Wire is a filtration process and works like a heart of a PAPER MACHINE. The function of Forming Fabric Wire is to weave the fibers and dewater the stock so that paper web formed is sufficiently strong to run through the presses and dryers up to end product (Paper Roll).


Dryer Screen

DRYING FABRICS is a drying part of wet Paper web. The conventional Drying system can dry the wet web from 60% moisture to 2% moisture with help of DRYING FABRICS. DRYING FABRICS play an important roll for giving a final shape and parameters to the PAPER. DRYING FABRICS are also known as Conveyor Belts. The sheet is mechanically